Sanctioned Projects

S.No. Project Title Project Page
1. Intelights – 3D Smart Traffic Lights Click here
2. BhuGoal: Predicting Moods Of India Click here
3 Briltab Edukit-1 Click here
4. Driving Test Simulator Click here
5. Learn -O- Little Click here
6. Swach Neer Click here
7. Grain (Paddy) Drier Click here
8. Hybrix Click here
9. HyperSpace Click here
10. Video Laryngoscope Click here
11. The PIED PIPER – Lure the Rats away Smartly Click here
12. Intelligent Urea Spreading Machine Click here
13. Fogminator Click here
14. Black Carbon Battery Click here
15. Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence enabled Tea Vending System Click here
16. Nanocoating for Virus Free Surfaces Click here
17. Swayam Khaad Click here
18. Design and Installation of a solar panel system on rooftop for training purposes Click here
19. ACTIVECAP- Stay Active be Healthy Click here
20. An agro waste management: Development of Multipurpose Chemically Stable, Thermal and Ion-conducting Membrane Click here
21. Development of Energy Efficient Bistable Liquid Crystal Light Shutter Click here
22. Driverless Vehicle Click here
23. Energy Saving Based Smart Classroom: A System Click here
24. Energy Efficient and Fast Process of Silica Separation from Rice Stubble Click here
25. Ethanol Fuel Cell Click here
26. UV-C Robot Click here
27. Conversion of waste leaves to biofuel Click here
28. Vidyut_AR Click here
29. York Click here
30. Airline Passengers Kit App (APKA) Click here
31. Saral Udyog Click here
32. Pepper Pen Spray (PEPS) Click here
33. Formulation development of Freeze Dried Click here
34. Mano-Aid Click here
35. Portable Virus-Sniffing-Device Against Newly Emerging Viruses Click here
36. PregAura – Smart non contact distant maternal care for pregnant women during COVID times Click here
37. Homeotropic alignment of liquid crystal molecules induced by quantum dot/nanoscale particles for flexible display and device applications – a stride approach Click here
38. Electrochemically deposited magnetic bio-conjugate MOF (metal organic framework) for sensor applications Click here
39. Solar Powered Multipurpose Canopy Click here
40. Self Healing Orthopaedic Metallic Implant Click here
41. EDU GEO Click here
42. Development of Hybrid Pulse Power Device Using Semiconductor 3D-Graphitic Carbon Click here