Agronic Culture – Bin Farming for Healthy Beings

Agronic Culture – Bin Farming for Healthy Beings essentially promotes and entails barrel and bin farming for producing organic and superlative food products. The main idea behind this setup is to promote healthy culture through organic food, build a repository of herbs and medicinal plants, take a step closer to the Sustainable Development Goals, be in sync with the 3 Rs—Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse, and create a portable and compact farming system in less space. The old, unused, or already used barrels can be recycled in the process and thus contribute to the increase in the rate of recycling. The setup of Agronic culture is easy, as it occupies less space and does not rely on non-renewable resources for its energy requirements. Moreover, Agronic culture entails a proactive approach towards countering crop failures that occur due to various environmental issues and ensuring minimum wastage. Furthermore, the waste can be greatly minimised as the manure used for barrel farming is produced from kitchen waste. Barrel farming done under the culture veritably improves water aeration, makes the soil more porous, and eradicates the need for chemical fertilisers (as it itself acts like a vermicomposting pit).


Meet the Team

  • Arryan Madhu Chitkara

    Student of Grade 10
    Chitkara International School
  • Shalini Somra

    Academic Coordinator
    Chitkara International School , Chandiggarh
  • Gautam Malik

    Manager, Industry & Strategic Initiatives
    Chitkara University, Rajpura, Punjab


Contact Information

Mr. Arryan Madhu Chitkara
Email –
Mobile -7626871000