Chitkara University, NewGen IEDC Summary of Financial Year 21-22

S. No. Particulars FY 21-22
1. Total number of Student Projects supported 20
2. Total fund provided towards supporting Student Projects INR 3,499,274
3. No. of Patents filed by students Details in Annexure C 9
4. No. of Patents Granted Details in Annexure C 0
5. No. of companies/Starts up Set up by Students Annexure D 1
6. No. of enterprise/Business commercialized Details to be attached as per Annexure D 0
7. Social Impact Made, If any In third year, there were 8 projects that were carried out to solve some of the society related problems and all these projects have made significant social impact. The list of these 8 projects is as follows –

Alternate Energy as well as Energy Conservation Related Projects –

  • Wind Turbine Driven Generator for Vehicles
  • Conversion of Waste Leaves to Biofuel
  • Injector Driver Circuit for Diesel Engines to Improve the Performance of Engines
  •   Development of Hybrid Pulse Power Device Using Semiconductor 3D-Graphitic Carbon as an Alternate to Conventional Batteries

Waste Management Related Projects –

  • An Agrowaste Management – Development of Multipurpose Chemically Stable, Thermal and Ion-conducting Membrane
  • Swayam Khaad – Decomposition of organic waste using iron (III) based catalyst in the presence of UV light

Water Purification Related Projects –

  • Design of Nano-bubbles Generator for STP to Improve the DO Levels in Water
  • Development of a Novel, Low Cost & Compact Total Organic Carbon Analyzer to Measure the Organic Content in Water

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