YORK (Your Own Restaurant Kit)

The concept is to provide a compact F&B service tools kit to students of hospitality in hotel management colleges as well as industry professionals in India and abroad. There are a few tools that are mandatory in the F&B service practical classes. So, we are providing a tool kit to all the students that is easy to carry and use. We are opening a unique feature in society that will change the status quo in the educational culture and give students new hope to do better. Our vision is to become an essential service provider for university students. So, we are trying to solve the problem, which is the need of the hour.


Meet the Team

  • Jatin Parmar

    B.Sc. (HA) Student (CCHM)
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Sushil Kalra

    Deputy Dean (CCHM)
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Sachin Bhogal

    Assistant Professor (CCHM)
    Chitkara University, Punjab


Contact Information

Jatin Parmar
Email – teentravels17@gmail.com
Mobile – 86073 79797