Life Enhancement of Incinerator Material in Waste Heat Environment

Incineration is the way to treat waste through controlled burning. The waste is burned out to 1025 oC. It is like a furnace, which reduces the volume of waste and garbage to about 20–30% of the original volume. The main problem in incinerators is corrosion because of the high temperature. Corrosive attack in incinerators is caused by the oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, bromine, molten salts, and corrosive gases that emerge from the burning of waste. We shall improve the surface of the incinerator by applying alloy powder coatings to the incinerator metal with the thermal spraying method. We shall test these coated materials in simulated environments and suggest the best protection mechanism for the incinerator.


Meet the Team

  • Jaskaran Singh

    Mechanical Engg.(Year-III)
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Dr. Rakesh Goyal

    Associate Professor, Mechanical Engg.
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Ms. Punam

    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science University College Miranpur
    Punjabi University, Patiala
  • Harish Kumar Sharma

    Senior V. K. Goyal (Industry Partner), Executive Engineer, Care Cosmetics,
    Baddi, Himachal Pradesh


Contact Information

Jaskaran Singh
Email –
Mobile – 7973954502