Development of Hybrid Pulse Power Device Using Semiconductor 3D-Graphitic Carbon

With rapid depletion of fossil fuels and increasing demand in portable energy-storage, system for technological advancement paves a new research field to store harvested energy and its’ management. Therefore, development of efficient portable energy storage devices for portable electronic circuit becomes a major research interest. As an energy storage device, the batteries are randomly used, however it suffering from cyclic stability and high safety risk-factor. Interestingly, electrochemical capacitor or supercapacitor, which is composed of high surface-to-volume ratio carbon/or metal compounds based electrode and solid-polymer/or ionic-liquid based electrolytes. More precisely, high surface-to-volume ratio nano materials are highly effective for supercapacitor applications. As a supercapacitor materials, carbon and carbon based allotropes are highly adequate because of its high chemical stability, good electrical conductivity and abundant in this world. Among the carbon allotropes, graphene is an unique material, due its excellent physicochemical properties, such as high surface-to-volume ratio, metal like electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, tremendous mechanical and chemical stability etc. Therefore, the present proposal is based on 3D-graphene like network with doped hetero atoms. Interestingly, depending on the doped atoms the graphene can behave like p-type or n-type semiconductor. Herein, both type of semi-conductor will be produce, whereas p-type semiconductor graphene will be used as cathode and n-type semiconductor will be used as anode electrode. Additionally, non-aqueous electrolytes with specific ionic liquid will be apply to construct the pouch cell, whereas expected outcome voltage is 2.8 V from every cell with outstanding power density and power deliverable capability. Handful of company in India are performing for constructing the carbon or graphene based supercapacitor. Through present methodology, mass production and industrialization is targeted. We are looking forward, its results after using this proposal.


Meet the Team

  • Shagun Sharma

    M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence
    Chitkara University
  • Dr. Pankaj Kumar

    Prof. & Dean (PhD Program)
    Chitkara University
  • Dr. Partha Khanra

    Assistant Professor- CURIN
    Chitkara University
  • Dr. Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran

    Associate Professor - CURIN
    Chitkara University

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