Self Healing Orthopaedic Metallic Implant

In India, Orthopaedic surgeons are facing a huge number of cases related to bone injury, infective, neo-plastic, degenerative, and metabolic conditions. Additionally, increase in the patients of diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis are further expanding the clinical needs. The orthopaedic implant market can be broadly divided into 4 major segments, based on the area of treatment: Trauma, Spine, Knee and Hip. The market shared approximately an equal ratio between the Trauma & Spine segments on one hand and the joints (Knee & Hip) on the other. The present work aims at the fabrication and testing of Ti6Al4V alloy (the most commonly used biomaterial) based on bio-implants for the improved bio-functionality. This will be achieved through 3D printing of Ti6Al4V alloy material, and to attain the desired microstructural and mechanical properties composite surface coatings of a bioactive material be applied. The resulting specimens are intended to have improved anti-wear properties and bioactivity in terms of osseointegration capability and antimicrobial properties combined with mechanical properties emulating human bone.


Meet the Team

  • Mr. Sahil Gill

    Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh
  • Mr. Gurmohan Singh

    PhD Scholar
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Dr. Abhineet Saini

    Associate Professor
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chitkara University, Punjab


Contact Information

Mr. Sahil Gill
Email –
Mobile – 9915956496