Design and Installation of a Solar Panel System on Rooftop for Training Purpose

There is a huge demand for non-conventional sources of energy because of the limited supply of currently prevailing resources like fossil fuels. In this competitive sector, solar panels stand out from other sources due to their clean and green energy. A variety of solar panels enhances the efficiency values from 5% to 20%. A lot of research is being conducted to investigate the materials and structures that can provide higher values of efficiency. The VLSI Centre of Excellence at Chitkara University have procured solar cell panels of 3 KW capacity from M/S Applied Materials, which are supposed to be used for training purposes, and establish an ecosystem in the region to have a greater number of trained professionals in this highly sought-after field. Through this project proposal, we wish to create a setup that will ultimately be used for training purposes for Masters and PhD students and possibly create an entrepreneurial venture. Once the panels are successfully installed, we wish to conduct a series of hands-on, paid workshops to train the manpower from outside institutes as well.


Meet the Team

  • Savita

    Ph.D. scholar, CURIN
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Dr. Rahul Pandey

    Assistant Professor, CURIN
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Dr. Rajnish Sharma

    Dean Research
    Chitkara University, Punjab

Contact Information

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Mobile – 8708030145