Mano-Aid provides cognitive behavioural therapy virtually to mental health patients at their homes with an electronic glove that monitors physiological signals. This will maintain the norm of social distancing and provide an opportunity for psychotherapists to work from home. There will be fewer chances of opening therapy centres soon because the immunity of patients suffering from mental illness is getting lower. Mano-Aid is an affordable VR system that can run on any Android or iOS phone, so no extra device is needed. Monitoring with a hand glove is optional for moderate-to-severe anxiety patients for therapy sessions. Moreover, monthly reports will be generated so the patients can keep track of their progress.


Meet the Team

  • Gurwinder Singh

    Team Lead
    Research Scholar
  • Neha Tuli

    UI/UX Designer
    PhD Scholar
  • Shivam Sharma

    Game Development


Contact Information

Mr. Gurwinder Singh
Email –
Mobile -8708599041