Development of a Novel, Low Cost & Compact Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Total organic carbon (TOC) analysis is a well-recognised technical approach that presents valuable insight about water quality for process control and regulatory compliance. If properly configured and applied, TOC analyzers offer a unique capability to support a wide range of applications. Commercially available combustion-type and membrane-based TOC analyzers are expensive and require costly maintenance. Significant cost savings can be derived from a novel and simplified approach to oxidising organic carbon and detecting carbon dioxide. Based on a detailed literature review and industry recommendations, we decided to work on the development of a novel, low-cost TOC analyzer with UV oxidation and conductivity as parameters to measure organic content in water. The analyzer will be automatic and will continuously measure TOC in pure and high-purity water.


Meet the Team

  • Akhil Shetty

    Research Scholar, Department of Civil Engineering
    Chitkara University (HP)
  • Dr. Ajay Goyal

    Professor & Head, Department of Civil Engineering
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Mr. S.K. Rana

    CEO, Bio - Age Equipment & Services
    SAS Nagar, Punjab, India


Contact Information

Mr. Akhil Shetty
Email –
Mobile – 9876933276