GAM Illuminating Urinary Bladder Catheter

A catheter will prevent bladder injury during caesarean section, caesarean hysterectomy, laparoscopic, and open hysterectomy. In these cases, the bladder is adherent to the anterior uterus or parietal wall. The mechanism of bladder injury prevention is by the principle of trans-illumination of the bladder wall. This GAM catheter tip has an inbuilt LED bulb, and when it is switched on inside a partially filled urinary bladder, it will delineate the wall of urinary bladder by trans-illumination. This will help surgeon to identify the urinary bladder wall (just like a glowing balloon) and aid in the dissection of adherent bladder from the uterine surface, which will avoid direct bladder injury. The tip of LED bulb is covered by the rubber cap, which will prevent any injury to urethra during insertion. The rubber cap is connected to main catheter by an X-shaped rubber band. Moreover, the tip of the GAM catheter is 5 mm in diameter, and fiber optic cables are arranged peripherally to the wall of catheter. The power wires are passed in between the walls of catheter, which will prevent any electric current leakage.


Meet the Team

  • Prachi Mittal

    MBA Healthcare Management (Health IT)
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Prof. Keerti B Pradhan

    Professor & Dean, Healthcare Management
    Chitkara Business School
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Dr. Girija Shankar Mohanty

    Assistant Professor, Department of OBG
    PGIMER, Chandigarh


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