Miniaturized Medical Imaging Lens System for Close Range

Medical imaging is the process of creating images of the human body, from the internal organs to skeletal imaging to microscopic diagnostic imaging, through an optical lens system. Medical Imaging Lens Assemblies include a series of lens systems, CCD/CMOS sensors, and mounted and bare achromatic lenses. With specified combinations of aperture, focal length, and back focal length designed for use with today’s high-resolution diagnostic cameras. The solution is to design an optical imaging lens system for providing a high efficiency of light delivery to biological organisms, tissues, or agents, and more particularly relates to the embedding of collinear illumination optics within a high-light-collection, low-numerical aperture lens having low power consumption and being easy to manufacture. The need to design a specific lens system with a high quantum efficiency sensor for both visible and IR imaging is to cover close-range medical imaging applications. This will provide end-users with high image quality and low distortion images, especially for medical images at close range for the diagnosis of tissues and veins.


Meet the Team

  • Manpreet Kaur

    PhD Scholar , CURIN
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Dr. Varsha Singh

    Assistant Professor, CURIN
    Chitkara University, Punjab

Contact Information

Manpreet Kaur
Email –
Mobile – 9803200034