Multipurpose Adjustable Sample Collection Trolley: Infection Prevention

Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are a major concern in healthcare settings, impacting one out of every four patients and costing more than $35 billion in healthcare costs worldwide each year. HAI can occur due to a variety of reasons, including contaminated instruments, cross-contamination of patient samples, and the disorderliness of hospital items. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop innovative solutions for infection prevention.

One potential solution to prevent HAI is the use of in-built light therapy. This therapy involves the use of a specific wavelength of light that can kill bacteria and viruses without causing any harm to humans. By implementing this therapy, hospitals can reduce the risk of HAI while also ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.
To address this issue, we are developing an in-built light therapy solution for infection prevention. The solution includes designated sample holders, plug-and-play drawers, and a digital and QR-code tracking system for tracking samples from various hospital wards. The tray is designed with 360-degree rotation and detachable options for emergency situations, and it can accommodate all types of sample holders.

The designated sample holders will be constructed from high-quality materials to prevent contamination, while the plug-and-play drawers will make it easier to access and manage samples during emergencies. The digital and QR count systems will help hospital staff keep track of the samples from various wards and ensure that they are accounted for. This system will also be useful for managing inventory levels and avoiding unnecessary waste.

Hospital staff can access samples from any angle due to the rotational 360-degree in tray. In emergency situations, the detachable option allows hospital staff to safely remove the tray.
HAI remains a significant concern in healthcare settings, and innovative solutions for infection prevention are essential. The in-built light therapy solution for infection prevention discussed here is designed to reduce the risk of HAI and improve patient outcomes in healthcare settings. By including designated sample holders, plug-and-play drawers, and a digital and QR count system, this solution is designed to be efficient, easy to use, and adaptable to emergency situations. Overall, this solution has the potential to revolutionise infection prevention in healthcare settings and save lives.


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