Fully Automated Timed Controlled Wireless Water Automation System

A fully automated timed controlled water automation system is an intelligent control system of water motors in our homes. Nowadays people have to operate their water motors manually, which includes continuous checking for water supply, quality of water water levels in tanks. Failing to do all these activities for one day only, leads to losing access to water.

This project will prove to be the complete solution for all such problems. In this automation system can we can set time as per the availability of water, we can even set a range of time e.g. 7:00 am – 9:00 am and the system will keep a check on the supply of water in this duration. Also keeping in mind that water may be not available during the set timings, we will induce a water check control to have double-checking for water availability.

The system can also check the level of water available in the tank. If the water level goes below 70%, the system will indicate the water requirement, so based on the water supply the motor will be turned ON automatically and turned OFF when the tank gets filled. While doing these operations the quality of water will also be checked, and if the water quality goes it will alert the user to check the water source.

These features will be able to solve the major problem of water scarcity. According to research, we are wasting up to 70,000 crores liters of water every year and a huge percentage of this is because of the overflow of water tanks.


Meet the Team

  • Mr. Goyaam Jain

    Chitkara University
  • Mr. Arpit Jain

    External Collaboration
    IOT expert
  • Mr. Sagar Juneja

    Chief-Coordinator NewGen IEDC
    Chitkara University, Punjab

Contact Information

Mr. Goyaam Jain
Email- jaingoyaam15@gmail.com
Mobile -9650398973