GREENLEAF: Generating Renewable Energy and Enhancing Nature through Liquid-Plant Environment-based Air Filtration

Overview of the Problem Statement:
Air pollution is a critical concern in many urban areas of India, with severe health implications for the population. India faces high levels of pollution, particularly in major cities, which contributes to respiratory diseases and other health issues. Traditional approaches like tree planting have limitations due to space constraints and rapid urbanization. Finding innovative solutions to combat air pollution and improve air quality is crucial for the well-being of Indian citizens.

Idea and Solution:
Liquid Plant will be an innovative urban photo-bioreactor designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and purify the air. Inspired by the successful liquid tree concept, it utilizes microalgae to bind carbon dioxide and produce pure oxygen through photosynthesis. The compact size of the Liquid Plant allows it to be installed in urban areas where planting trees is not feasible, providing an efficient and space-saving solution for air purification.

Features and Functionality:
The GREENLEAF consists of a 200-500 litre water tank containing microalgae capable of thriving in Indian environmental conditions. These microalgae efficiently bind carbon dioxide and release oxygen, mimicking the air purification capabilities of trees and grass. The system requires minimal maintenance, with periodic removal of algae biomass that can be repurposed as nutrient-rich fertilizer. Additionally, the GREENLEAF serves as a functional urban amenity, featuring seating benches, mobile phone charging outlets, and integrated solar panels for energy self-sufficiency.

Implementation and Impact:
The Liquid Plant prototype will be installed in highly polluted urban areas across India, prioritizing cities with significant air pollution challenges. By demonstrating its effectiveness in reducing pollution and improving air quality, the project aims to raise awareness about the potential of microalgae-based air purification systems. The ultimate goal is to promote sustainable urban development and provide a practical solution for combating air pollution in densely populated Indian cities.

Commercial Potential:
The GREENLEAF project offers significant commercial potential, with opportunities for scaling up production and installation in various Indian cities grappling with air pollution challenges. The market demand for effective air purification technologies is high, and the GREENLEAF presents a sustainable and innovative solution to address the pressing issue of air pollution in urban environments.


Meet the Team

  • Navdeep Singh

    Senior Research Fellow, Department of Civil Engineering
    Chitkara University
  • Dr. Ajay Goyal

    Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering
    Chitkara University
  • Shashi Kumar Rana

    CEO, Bio - Age Equipment & Services
    SAS Nagar, Punjab, India

Contact Information

Navdeep Singh
Email –
Mobile – 9501462174