UV-C Robot

A smart robot to sanitize large indoor wards
UV Rakshak is a UV-C empowered robot intended to sterilize large indoor wards in short time. It is operated through a mobile app which automatically notifies once disinfection is completed. The range for operating the robot remotely is 10metres. It has an disinfection area of 12000ft2/hour. This robot uses the UV-C technology with a setup consisting of 6(30w UV-C) lamps. The robot has a battery life of 3 hours and within this time it can disinfect 12 rooms.UV-C is world renowned technology for killing coronavirus with an efficiency of upto 99.9%. The technology has been tested by reputed Medicol institutes like Nebraska Medicine, Stamford Medicine and CDC.


Meet the Team

  • Gyan Singh

    Team Leader
    Chitkara University
  • Pranav sikka

    Chitkara University
  • Tarun Bhalla

    Founder & Ceo,Avishkaar
    Chitkara University
  • Mr. Sachin Ahuja

    Chitkara University


Contact Information

Mr. Gyan Singh
Email – gsingh2566.ca19@chitkara.edu.in
Mobile – 9999511579