PerChins is a board plus card game developed by our team of researchers to inculcate rich Indian traditional knowledge into the young minds of our country. In recent years, the children have become too addicted to mobile games, and their overwhelming desire to play such games has caused a lot of undesirable side effects, such as high levels of self-reported depression, social anxiety, loneliness, lack of attention, short tempers, and impulsiveness. On the other hand, the board and card games they play, such as Pokémon, UNO, Monopoly, and Business Trade, teach them only the importance of power and money. The characters from other countries like Ninja Hattori attract our Indian children, they learn their culture, food habits, and lifestyle by default without any extra teaching.

In India, there are a huge number of immortal epics such as the Mahabharat, the Ramayana, and other regional-historical events. The epic narrative of Mahabharat was written more than a thousand years ago. Yet the fabulous tale continues to find eminence in every form of art, and continues to overwhelm us even today. The fact that the epic is still esteemed is not only because of its poetic magnificence. The stories that almost all of us have grown up with hold significance even in present times. The profoundly philosophical ideas that disseminate throughout the epic have a lot to communicate to us about the art of living. These epics teach good moral values, ethics, standing for right; even fighting for it, the eternal bond of friendship, the importance of loyalty, and maintaining high standards in all arts. They are quite interesting to learn and play. We developed this board game to revamp this most-valued epic among our young minds. Making the first AR-enabled board game is a new kind of approach to reaching the K–12 cohort, a generation that has been brought up in the digital era that runs modern society.


Meet the Team

  • Taniya Hasija

    PhD Scholar, CURIN
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Mr.Suriyaa K R

    Class X
    Chitkara International School , Chandigarh
  • Ms.Nithika K R

    Class VI
    Chitkara International School , Chandigarh
  • Dr. Ramkumar K R

    Professor, CURIN
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Mrs.Sugasini K R

    Hanuven Healthcare Products Private Limited
    Chennai, Tamilnadu

Contact Information

Taniya Hasija
Email –
Mobile – 8054865123