Portable Virus-Sniffing-Device Against Newly Emerging Viruses

Toxic or polluted indoor air has become a prime cause of increased morbidity and mortality related to microorganism dependent infections and respiratory diseases. Most of the air purifiers in the market use HEPA technology which can filter particles larger than 0.3 microns. This expensive technology is usually used in conjunction with ionizer- or ozone-generating air purifiers that produce harmful by products including ozone and other gases. Quantum dots are such an intelligent nanomaterial with comparable size as viruses and unique biological properties which make them a frontrunner candidate for the development of unprecedented devices to sniff the virus, capture it, and kill it. Our device COVAPUR-AIR is based on the easily scalable heteroatom doped quantum dots weaved on the Cu nanoparticles packed in cannonball type arrangement to capture the viruses. Our technology utilizes these weaved quantum dots along with cellulose filters that restrict particles of all sizes to pass through. As the countries are opening their lengthy lockdowns due to COVID-19, humans are now exposed to even more precarious situations of getting contaminated from COVID-19. Reducing the concentration of viruses in a cluster or packed environment in buses, trains, airplanes, hospitals, industries, offices, schools, colleges, universities, or anywhere else, is the topmost priority for any country. COVAPUR-AIR is a well-designed device, adaptable as per user’s requirement, would intercept, and kill the viruses present in the air and provide pure, non-toxic air to breath. The ready working prototype will be tested for its efficiency and reusability based on the biological data. Our initial plan is to install 25 devices in households of customers including pregnant women, senior citizens, asthmatic patients, other people with co-morbidities including respiratory ailments.


Meet the Team

  • Adhish Singh

    Ph.D. scholar, CURIN
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Mohit Kapoor

    Assistant Professor, CURIN
    Chitkara University, Punjab


Contact Information

Adhish Singh
Email :- adhish.singh@chitkara.edu.in
Mobile No. – 7355227056