Intravenous Fluid Monitoring System

Automation in healthcare is an emerging field. In the current medical care system, the monitoring of patients in a hospital throughout the day is a tiresome process. Sometimes nurses or caretakers are too busy to monitor each drip constantly. This causes many problems, such as backflow of blood, etc. The health-related activities should be carefully done, and that too in an accurate manner. So, to overcome such critical problems, we designed a system called the “Intravenous Fluid Monitoring System” along with a mobile app that will help to detect the level of the fluid virtually. It will alert the attendants to change the drip of the patient when required. This will be a very beneficial technology that can be implemented in every hospital. It will help to reduce the workload of nurses and caretakers, as well as reduce the risk to patients’ health. To design such an exciting system, many components, such as sensors, nodeMCU, Arduino software, and buzzer, are used.


Meet the Team

  • Divpreet Kaur

    Student, BCA
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Priyanka

    Student, BCA
    Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Dr. Vidyotma Gandhi

    Assistant Professor
    Chitkara University, Punjab

Contact Information

Divpreet Kaur
Email –
Mobile -79733 54043