Chitkara University NewGen IEDC HandShake Program

Handshake Program provides an opportunity for techno-entrepreneurs in the region as well as student innovators from other institutions to use support services of NewGen IEDC. It also provides a platform for innovation-driven business incubators and e-cells to collaborate with NewGen IEDC.

If you are an innovator and you are finding it HARD to
  • To give shape to your ideas?
  • To make prototypes of your designs?
  • To test your prototypes?
  • To get cost efficient technical, lab & tools support?
HandShake Program

You can come to NewGen IEDC. We are one-stop facility for all these requirements

Our Services Include

1. Design Support

CAD Design | 3D Modeling | Animation | PCB Designing

Design Support

2. Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing | CNCs | Laser Cutting | PCB Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping

3. Technical and Lab Support

Advanced Instrumentation, Circuit Testing, Material Testing, Hand and Power Tools, Hardware Components Support, Software Tools Support and Mentorship

To know about various facilities available at NewGen IEDC visit Central Facility page. Technology driven start-ups and student innovators in the region may use NewGen IEDC services at a very competitive rate.

Collaboration Opportunity with NewGen IEDC

Chitkara University NewGen IEDC organizes and supports many events like Business Plan Competitions, Hackathons, Innovation Camps, and Networking Sessions etc. We invite technology driven business incubators and e-cells to collaborate with us for such events.
Visits Events page for details about various events organized and supported by NewGen IEDC.