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Why students, entrepreneurs, innovators are excited about Idea-Thon 2.0? Find out in this video

Unboxing – Unibody Wooden Mobile Stand

Idea-Thon Finals by Chitkara University

Chitkara University NewGen IEDC Video

Laser Cutting Machine

Wooden Laptop Stand

Project Videos

Adsorbent Shoe Pads: Eliminates Sweat and Foul Odor

All in one Laptop Stand with Integrated Table

Alpha Healthcare Solution

Active Cap-Stay Active Be Healthy

Agronic Culture :Bin Farming For Healthy Beings

Apka – Airline Passengers Kit App

Automatic and Moveable Vertical Garden Barricades

Automatic Wire Coiling Machine


Briltab Edukit-1


Design of Nano-Bubble Generator for STP

Development of a Novel, Low-Cost Toc on Line Analyser with UV Oxidation & Conductivity as A Parameter to Measure Organic Content in Water.

Development of Hybrid Pulse Power Device using Semiconductor 3D-Graphitic Carbon

Development of safe AR-LEAD and VR-LEAD for Autism

Development of Thermal Spraying Gun for Thermal Spray Coatings

Driving Test Simulator

Driverless Vehicle

Driving Assistance for Foggy Conditions

Edu Geo

Enhancement of Working Life of Agricultural Equipments and Tools with the Development of Wear

Ethanol Fuel Cell


Formulation Development of Freeze Dried Inhalable Microparticles of Hydroxychloroquine and Surfactants for Pulmonary Delivery for Management of Ards in Covid & Sars Diseases

Fully Automatic Bottle Labelling Machine for Pharma Industries

Fully Automated Timed Controlled Wireless Water Automation System

Grain Paddy Dryer

High Temperature Erosion / Corrosion Behavior of Alloy Powder Coatings On Boiler Steels

Hybrid T Brewer



Injector Driver Circuit For Diesel Engines

Intelights-3D Smart Traffic Lights

Intelligent Urea Spreading Machine

Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence Enabled Tea Vending System

IR imaging for detecting medical applications


Liquid Filling and Sealing of Hard Gelatin Capsules

Mano Aid

Micronized Formulation of Ivermectin-Doxycycline: A Promising Anti-viral Approach

PEPS – Pepper Spray Pen

Perineal Retractor for safe and accurate Episiotomy during Vaginal Delivery

Portable Virus-Sniffing-Device Against Newly Emerging Viruses

Pregaura – Smart Non Contact Distant Maternal Care for Pregnant Women During Covid Times

Rodent Surgical Table

R-Bit Financial Education And Training Platform

Saral Udyog

Schottky Junction Printable Solar Cell

Screening, Actuation & Sainitizing

Self Healing Orthopaedic Metallic Implant

Solar Powered Umbrella Like Canopy

Swachh Neer

The Pied Piper Lure The Rats Away Smartly

UV-C Robot

Unique Medical Ids For Individuals

Video Laryngyoscope

Virtual Reality Based Home Eye Testing Device for Measuring Spectacle Power of the Eye

Wind Turbine Driven Generator for Vehicles