Idea-Thon 2.0

Propel your Innovative Ideas into Fascinating Reality

Type of Activity: Idea-Thon Finals: 5 Minute Project Pitch
Date of Activity: January 20 and 21, 2023
Link of the Pre and Post conduct of Activity: Facebook
Pre-link: Click here
Post-link: Click here

Name of Organizing Agency: CURIN and Chitkara University NewGen IEDC
No. of Participants: (student + staff): 80 Students and 22 Staff Members
Facilitators: Sagar Juneja, Chanpreet Singh, and Lovit Kumar

Chitkara University NewGen IEDC & TEC organized 2nd edition Idea-Thon 2.0 Hackathon to provide a platform for students to bring innovative ideas that have good commercial potential. The objective of the competition was to nurture those ideas and bring them to a level where they can be pitched for prototyping funding from NewGen IEDC.
The theme of the competition was ‘PROPEL YOUR INNOVATIVE IDEAS INTO FASCINATING REALITY’ and it was launched on October 31, 2022 and by the last date of submission (i.e., November 30) we received as many as 50 ideas from students of different departments of the university. These ideas were received in the form of 1-minute video where applicant explained problem statement, proposed solution, and commercial potential of their ideas.

The Brainstorming round of competition was held on January 11 with theme “Idea-Thon 2.0 Orientation Session” with the applicants of qualified 35 ideas of various domains: Mechanical, Pharmacy, Management, Applied Science, etc. from all over India. The participants were given directions on how to pitch an innovative idea, plan a budget for the prototyping, and the expectations from the project applicants. Mr. Sagar Juneja (Assistant Dean, CURIN and Coordinator, NewGen IEDC) & Mr. Chanpreet Singh (Project Manager, CURIN) were the resource persons.

After the brainstorming round, these teams presented their final project pitches for funding support from NewGen IEDC to external jury that comprised of seasoned professionals in the domain of innovation and entrepreneurship. These experts were –

Mr. Deepak Nair
Independent Consultant
Automation & Product Design Expert
Mr. Money Khanna
Project Engineer
Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA)
Mr. Sanjay Bhatnagar
Visiting Faculty, CURIN
Head Commercialisation
Mr. Sagar Juneja
Assistant Dean, CURIN
Coordinator NewGen IEDC

Each of the 35 teams was given 5 minutes to present their pitch which was followed by rigorous Q&A session. This final round was held on January 20 & 21. Top 17 teams were awarded prototyping funding of INR 2, 25, 800/- from NewGen IEDC.

Here is the list of 17 Idea-Thon 2.0 Winners:

Sr. No. Student Applicant Project Title Mentor
1 Mukul Goyal A Novel Vacuum Assisted Microwave Reactor to produce Biofuel from Biowaste Dr. Anoop Kumar Singh

Dr. Nitin Kumar Saluja

Mr. Chanpreet Singh

2 Parth Sukhija ADAS BASED Semi-visibility Accidents Prevention Safety System Dr. Jaswinder Singh
3 Pranjal Pandey AI-Drone Dr. Reetu Malhotra
4 Ravi Goyal Autoclavable Multipurpose Steel Chamber Dr. Deepinder Singh
Dr. Varinder Singh
5 Aryan Pathania Cold Storage Robo Dr. Rajneesh Talwar
6 Zeenal Punamiya Design and Development of an Augmented Reality App for Teaching Healthcare Students Dr. Navita Gupta
Dr. Amanpreet Kaur
7 Diganta Mitra E-bike Dr. Rajneesh Talwar
8 Harreet Kaur Electric Food Plate Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal
9 Aadish Parashar Interchangeable Shoe Sole Dr. Reetu Malhotra
10 Jaskaran Singh Life Enhancement of Incinerator Material in Waste Heat Environment Dr. Rakesh Goyal
11 Susmit Talukdar Mechatron Dr. Sartajvir Singh
12 Manpreet Kaur Miniaturized Medical Imaging Lens System for Close Range Dr. Varsha Singh
13 Aditya Bhardwaj Multipurpose Adjustable Sample Collection Trolly: Infection Prevention Dr. Keerti Bhusan Pradhan
Mr. Purushotham Tanjeri
Dr. Girija Shankar Mohanty
14 Taniya Hasija PerChins Dr. K.R. Ramkumar
15 Arpit Tinna PTO Operated Mobile Grain Dryer Dr. Anoop Kumar Singh
16 Ansh Jindal Smart Saline Sensor Dr. Priya Jindal
17 Sameep Rohilla System for Data Exchange Dr. Reetu Malhotra

On February 6, one-on-one meetings were held with the 17 prototype funding winners and their mentors to help the teams execute their projects. This included connecting the teams with the vendors, obtaining quotes from the vendors, helping the teams finalise their budget, etc.

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