Progress Presentations of NewGen IEDC Projects

March 5-7, 2020

Progress presentation sessions of NewGen IEDC funded projects were held during March 5- March 7, 2020 to evaluate the progress of projects that were sanctioned in 2019. 21 active projects of NewGen IEDC made their presentations in which they showcased technical progress on their prototypes as well as status of their budget expenditure. Dr. Archana Mantri – Chief Coordinator, Chitkara University, NewGen IEDC was the chairperson of the committee that reviewed the progress presentations. Other members of the committee included Dr. Rupesh Gupta (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Mr. Amit Pandey (Department of Electronics Engineering), Dr. Varinder Singh (Department of Civil Engineering), Mr. Gurpreet Singh (Department of Mechatronics Engineering), Ms. Nishu Bali (Department of Bachelor of Computer Applications), Mr. Sumit (Department of CCAE) and Mr. Sagar Juneja (Coordinator, Chitkara University, NewGen IEDC). The committee made crucial observations about projects and gave important pointers that would lead to the successful completion of these projects in the near future. The sessions were coordinated by the entire team of Chitkara University NewGen IEDC – Mr. Sagar Juneja, Mr. Chanpreet Singh, Ms. Aaishwarika Sharma, and Mr. Nikhil Sharma.

Below are the pictures of the Progress Presentation sessions.