NOVATE+ 2022

NOVATE+ 2022
Biggest Confluence of Academia and Industry
for Working on Joint Projects
Organized by Chitkara University
Anchored by DST NewGen IEDC and DST Technology Enabling Centre (TEC)

Total Prototyping Funding of INR 50 Lacs is up for grabs

Cash Prizes of INR 5 Lacs to Top Projects

Mentoring, Product Designing Support, Technology Commercialization Support and Wide Visibility

Walk-in with Your Project Pitch
Walk Away with Prototyping Funding of up to INR 2.5 Lacs

Submissions due by April 30, 2022 May 10, 2022
Visit to make a submission.


NOVATE+ is the annual flagship event of Chitkara University where innovative project ideas are invited, and selected ideas receive prototyping funding for their implementation. NOVATE+ 2022 is going to be the 4th edition, and the focus is on supporting joint industry-academia projects that will solve the real-world problems.

The theme of NOVATE+ 2022

NOVATE+ 2022 invites students and faculty members of Chitkara University to submit innovative project ideas for solving real-world problems.

  • Project proposals having industry partners will be preferred.
  • Innovative projects inline with GoI schemes related to Healthcare, Education, Clean-tech, Clean-energy, transportation etc. will be given preference.
  • Hardware projects will be given preference.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Open to all students and faculty members of Chitkara University.
  • Project must have an industry partner (MSMEs/Start-up/SMEs etc.)
  • Project idea should be feasible and should have commercial potential.
Selection Criteria
  • Project proposals will be reviewed by the experts, and shortlisted proposals will be invited for the Pitching Round.
  • In Pitching Round, you will make a presentation in front of a Jury Panel, and based on the recommendation of the Jury, funding will be awarded.
  • Submissions Due by – April 30, 2022 May 10, 2022
  • Pitching Round – May 20, 2022
Submission Instructions
  • We need concise and crisp information about your project ideas. Avoid lengthy details.
  • Fill out a google form – Please stick to the word limit set for each question.
  • Be sure to include the complete details of all the team members (including the representative from your industry partner).
  • Budget should be detailed and justified. You need to upload the budget in excel format in the google form.
  • Budget should contain the following heads –
S.No. Item Specification/Weblink Unit Cost Quantity Sub-total

For any queries, write to

  • This competition is only providing a platform wherein MSMEs (Party 1) can look for technical solutions for their real-world problems by collaborating with students and academicians from universities and colleges (Party 2). In addition, this competition is also providing financial aid for building the proposed technical solutions.
  • This competition or its organizers will not play a mediator role for technology transfer between the two parties.
  • This competition or its organizers will not influence or make suggestions regarding the terms of engagement between the two parties.
  • This competition or its organizers will not be responsible for resolving any dispute (legal, IP or any other) between the two parties.
  • It should be noted that once the funding is approved, Chitkara University NewGen IEDC would make all the payments directly to the vendors for the procurement of various goods and services as will be approved in the budget. In some rare cases, payment can be made to the team lead (applicant from Party 2) for the procurement of various goods and services from the approved budget. Payment will not be made from this funding to Party 1 under any circumstances.