Ideation to Prototype: The Secret of Building High-Fidelity Prototypes

Chitkara University NewGen IEDC organized an expert talk on “Ideation to Prototype: The Secret of Building High-Fidelity Prototypes.” The talk was delivered by Dr. Sagar Juneja, Assistant Dean, CURIN, Chitkara University, Punjab, on October 20, 2023. Nearly 45 students took part in this session. They learned how to build high-fidelity prototypes and develop the idea with the help of preincubation funding. They also learned how CU-NewGen-IEDC benefits and contributes to students’ innovative ideas for achieving their dreams. Students had query on the importance of patent filing before applying to the NewGen-IEDC-sponsored competition. So obviously, the answer is no, there is no such mandate that you have to file a patent in order to apply for the preincubation funding.