How to convert prototypes into end products? – An Online Talk

Chitkara University, NewGen IEDC invited an industry expert to deliver a talk on how to convert prototypes into end products for the fraternity who is active in innovative hardware projects. Mr Akshay Dolas, Principal Engineer, ADD WORKS, Mumbai threw light on the Real-time challenges while translating prototypes into end products.
Mr Dholas gave details of case studies of two innovative products designed by ADD WORKS – Mileage air filter and Ka’an binaural microphone and also shared about the company’s latest project Road stud installation in the session. He told about the challenges and achievements of his journey of converting an idea into a company that is being recognized on a national level in a few years. The importance of data collection, identification of end-user and the impact of the product on the customer were also discussed. The session was concluded on a note that good engineering can be converted into magic. The talk was organized on March 16, 2022, from 11:00 am – 12 noon and a total of 116 participants attended the session.