Chitkara University NewGen IEDC Progress

  • Detailed Progress Report of First Year – CLICK HERE
  • Highlights
1 Total number of Student Projects supported in First Year 15
2 Total fund provided towards supporting Student Projects INR 25 Lacs
3 No. of Patents filed by students 8
4 No. of companies/Starts up Set up by Students (Refer Enclosure) 5
5 Social Impact 5 projects carried out by our students have good societal impact –
Black Carbon Battery – Battery made up of bio and metallic waste. It can be helpful in controlling environmental pollution.
Briltab Edukit-1 – A learning kit for visually impaired kids and students.
Swach Neer – Water purification system based on earthen pot. Ideal for those who cannot afford costly water purifiers.
Grain Paddy Drier – A machine that can absorb moisture from grains , paddy to prolong their storage and prevent spoilage
Intelights – Smart and intelligent traffic management system that can prevent release of harmful gases in atmosphere and can lowers fuel consumption