NOVATE+ 2020 – Our Innovation Fight Against COVID-19

NOVATE+ 2020 – Our Innovation Fight Against COVID-19

Latest Updates

Over 300 submissions were received in NOVATE+ 2020. After competing in two rounds, finally Top 30 teams have been shortlisted who will now pitch their ideas in front of Jury in order to win funding during the Grand Finale. The Grand Finale will be held on June 25, 2020 as a live online session.

CLICK HERE to see the Top 30 Finalists of NOVATE+ 2020.

Four Teams have Won Funding from NewGen IEDC – CLICK HERE

Call for Participation

Submission due by May 10, 2020 .

What is NOVATE+
NOVATE+ is the biggest platform in the region where innovative project ideas from all over the country are showcased & evaluated and receive huge project funding for developing advanced level prototypes. In addition to prototyping grants participating teams will receive mentoring and expert guidance. The initiative is being driven by Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network (CURIN) that focuses on applied research and Chitkara University Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CEED) that promotes entrepreneurship culture in Chitkara University.

NOVATE+ 2020 Theme
As the world today struggles to come out of the precarious situation created by COVID – 19, we at NOVATE+ try to find the solution in the three step process followed for Prayer, which is Prayerise – Picturise – Actualise (Norman Vincent Peale, “The power of positive thinking”, May 2007, Fireside Books, pp 48). Below are the details of each of these components of NOVATE+ 2020 –

(i) Prayerise:
We are looking for novel ways to think and keep positive while fighting this long drawn battle with COVID-19. You may draw inspiration from one of the following sources (but not limited to) and submit your entry to NOVATE+ 2020.

  • Drawn from medical science
  • Drawn from ancient and old practices
  • Drawn from alternate therapies
  • Drawn from diverse cultures

(ii) Picturise:
Ideas are invited in the form of pictures, cartoons, flow charts, block diagrams, that can help fight the war against COVID-19. Following are the theme areas for submitting your entry (but not limited to)

  • Tracking and geofencing COVID 19 patients
  • Scalable solutions for sanitization
  • Effective delivery of essential supplies to people
  • Effective implementation of social distancing
  • Crop harvesting using minimal labor
  • Work from Home solutions
  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kit ideas

(iii) Actualise:
Shortlisted entries from Prayerise and Picturise will be required to implement AI/ML/AR/VR based simulation solution for their ideas.

Guidelines and Online Submission


  • If you are a student/faculty from any institution/university in India or you are a registered start-up anywhere within India then you are eligible to participate in NOVATE+ 2020.
  • We need separate entry for Prayerise and Picturise segments of the competition before May 10, 2020.
  • Shortlisted entries from both Prayerise and Picturise will be required to execute their ideas and build a simulation based prototype before May 30, 2020.
  • There are separate cash awards for the winners of both Prayerise and Picturise segments as well.
  • There is no restriction on team size. Each team can submit its entry to both Prayerise and Picturise segments.
  • There is no fee for participation in NOVATE+ 2020

Awards and Benefits


  • Acceleration funds to support research worth INR 75 lacs
  • Three prototyping grants of INR 2.5 lacs each from Chitkara University NewGen IEDC
  • Four prototyping grants of INR 4.0 lacs each from MeitY TIDE 2.0
  • Best project to win cash prize of INR 5.0 lacs sponsored by Chitkara University
  • Exclusive cash prize of INR 30,000 each for Prayerise and Picturise category
  • Participation Certificates.


For queries join the boot camp and webinar on May 01, 2020 at 3:00 PM
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  • Online Boot Camp and Webinar
    May 01, 2020 | 3:00PM Click here

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